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Bay Tree Loyalty Plans

New Bay Tree Loyalty Plans

We are starting a new set of loyalty plans on August 1st 2017 which will offer the widest possible choice of products for your pets.

These plans allow you to spread the yearly cost of your pet's routine vaccinations, worming and flea treatments with monthly direct debit payments and also save 20% on normal costs.

Multiple animals can be added to the same monthly direct debit payment.

Down load a copy of our Loyalty Plan Brochure.

Membership benefits:

Animals registered to a plan receive:

  • 2 full health checks twice a year by the vet
  • booster vaccination
  • 12 monthly preventative flea and tick treatments 
    • these can be chosen from a selection of spot-ons or tablets
  • 12 months preventative worming treatments given at monthly intervals
    • there is a choice of worming products available

10% discount off:

  • Consultation charges (NEW)
  • Neutering
  • Microchipping
  • Pet Passports & rabies vaccinations
  • Additional vaccinations (such as Kennel Cough)
  • Additional Flea treatments
  • Additional wormers ( eg lungworms)
  • Prescription diets bought from the practice

15% discount off certain long term medications

  • for selected longterm conditions such as arthritis, heart & circulatory disorders, epilepsy,diabetes.

Optional Accidental Injury Cover for only a small additional monthly fee.